It’s All About the Content, Stupid….


Blogging is all about content.  At least, that’s what they tell me.  I am not good at stuff like that.  When I was working as a screenwriter in Hollywood, everyone told me I was  GREAT writer, but my work always lacked “theme”.  I never knew what that meant.  I watched A LEAGUE OF HER OWN recently, and it stuck out like a sore thumb that the “theme” had to do with the fact that the character Geena Davis played had absolutely NO character arc.  She reluctantly agrees to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame reunion, she reluctantly greets the other players on the ball field, and when the story goes into flashback, she spends the entire movie being a reluctant baseball player, a reluctant older sister, reluctantly gorgeous (because as anyone who is gorgeous can tell you, being gorgeous is a real drawback) and only halfheartedly interested in playing in or winning the World Series of Baseball.  So if the theme of this movie is about being a reluctant participant in your own life, then this movie is dead on target.

I have been casting around for a theme to this blog.  Is it about us as baby boomers?  Is it about the baby boomers I have come to admire?  Is it about being an adventurous baby boomer?  And what makes someone an adventurous baby boomer?  Someone who can stand upright on their own and breath without the aid of an oxygen tank?   Or someone who goes bungy jumping off an expansion bridge in New Zealand?  Or both?  What is my theme, who are my characters, and how do I go about executing a successful blog, with millions of followers?  Because I want millions of followers.  I mean sure, Gangham Style is an AWESOME video and FULL of spirit and energy, but I have a youtube video people LOVE and I am not an internet sensation….YET.

So like anyone else who is trying to figure out how to make baby boomers relevant, and fighting what seems to be an uphill battle that is obvious and painful at the same time, I have decided to start profiling baby boomers, to let their dreams, accomplishments and personal histories tell the story.

If you want YOUR story told, send me an email and I will get back to you to set up an interview.   Because as fascinating as the Kardashians are, they got NOTHING on the folks who INVENTED tie-dye….

Oh…and we completely revised our website….have a look….